Thursday, July 8, 2010

♥ 30 : "I Love to Touch My _____"

OMGGGGG! i love to touch my body? i love to touch my baby face? oh no no no. BIG NO! haha. tade nafsu mak ngan sume tuh. now sangat sangat bernafsu, keghairahan yang membuak buak kat ________ .

sangat hot okayy. pheww! terase bahang nyer.
more exciting to touchhhh babe. oh goshhh, feeling habis kalu touch the stufff. i loikee. :p
offer various features to suit different tastes while maintaining the core features 
boasts a distinctive design with a splash of imagination and personality. wow oh wow. :)
badan ko sangat lar solid babe. im so in love with you.

yeah i love to touch my THE NEW LG COOKIES!
a touch of everything. love it yaww.

things, i love touch screen phone ;
very sexy
♥  very super duper easy
no need to press the button again and again
touch the screen very smooth with awesome fingers. :) 

and last but not least, here we go babe.

I'm going to the LG Cookie Monster Party!


Fyzal said...

phone phone LG sumer dah mantap2 sekarang yer. :)

shima said...

fyzal;yup.mantap.suke suke.:)

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