Friday, December 31, 2010

End Of Story ;

Hye 31-December-2010 people!

And here from the bottom of my heart, I'm seeking for forgiveness from everyone of my wrongdoings throughout of this year, 2010. Start from tomorrow, there would be a new chapter for me and us. Hopefully everything I went thru rain or shine, it make me a big girl eventually more mature. Let's together welcome the new year, 2011!

I don't know why, kind a bit nervous for 2011.  Why huh??? I have no idea. Just wait and see, what the colours of my days thru 2011. Tungguuuuuuuuuu. LOL!

Welcome 2011 with ais-krim and topping strawberry, cool isnt? Haha. Orang celebrate new year with beer, club, and etc! But me only with ais-krim, so BOR-INK! What-evahhhhhhhhhh,


End of story 2010 ;
Regards from me,

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Want Mini Tong Hair So Badly ;

Happy sunday you'll, a day for you spend time together with your ♥ ones. I just be alone of every weekend. Poor me!

Seriously I ♥ volume hair. But sadly, my hair not in the way. And I am sick with straight hair. Bored enough! Jeles giler bile tengok awek awek cun berjalan dengan rambutnye diropol-ropol kann. Sangat jeles weyh. Kau jeles tak? Kalau dah name perempuans, perempuan jugak weyh. Fanatic giler dengan cantik cantik nie kan. LOL!

Haishhh, cantik lah rambut ade volume volume nie. Envy so muchhh, you know! Gggrrrrrrrrrrrr. That's why, I really want mini thong, opsss typo error! Haha. I really want mini tong hair for me. Nakkkkk. But I don't have money yet. Money! Money! Come to mama, bebeh. LOL!

Rase sweet lak with volume hair nie. Haha. Sweet ke? Whatever, yang penting sekarang ngah aim nak beli mini tong. DIM instead of DO IT MYSELF after that. Volume hairrr, I dream of you like 24/7. Sign!

LOL, ♥

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2011 Is Just Around The Corner ;

Mood counting days right now.

Only left 8 days to say HELLO 2011 and GOODBYE 2010. Sekejap je kan. Tup tup it's already end of this year. Such times flies so fast, even faster nowadays. Hmmm.

THE TRUTH! Yes that exactly what I learned of this year, 2010. Finally, because I had bad feeling about something but I only assumed that's only my insecure feeling. And I just kept it until last month I knew it everthing. Hurt! Very. At least I knew it. Better than I don't knew anything right. It was make me hurt more.

Don't be a liar! Not so much good.

It's okay. Now I am such a girl meet the world. So I wanna say hey, world! Not being culture-shocked okayyyy. I am just me. I am just want to be happy, maybe much happier. Please no more sad story again. I wish for this coming soon, 2011. I want laugh every little things. I want play around the world, make my world good enough.

I takmo semak semak kan kepala I lagi. Penat okay when you always keep thinking. Let's people do thinks about me now. Cool right? Haha. Tapi ade ke orang pikir pasal I, nyahhh? That's the questionnnn. LOL!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Im Missed My Skinny's Voice Currently ;

Evening peeps!

This is my second entry for December yet. Seems like I am just ignore my blog so much this much isn't? Kesiaan my blog. Mesti merajuk kan dengan me, sebab me don't care my blog so much. Entah lah kan, currently sangat malas nak berblog bagai. Sebab not in a good mood. Seriously!

When I online, I just don't know what to do. What to update and etc. Such no idea! Stuck on that. Then end up by sleeping and sleeping over again and again. Haha. LOL!

I wish I am lying on the beach now, ♥

Let's talked bout November! How it's your last month? Everything okay? For me, my November was like fucking ever month this year. I don't know to explain more. Because it just hurt me more. Hmmm. Perhaps there still has a good sign for me in future. Now, I just flow the way. I mean letting go by pass. I am so trying so hard for that. Difficult!

Big thanks to Ann, at least you are with me. I owe you, babe. =)

Enough that!

Dear hair, cepatlah panjang ye sayang, ♥

Last word, HELLO MY FOLLOWERS! Thx for being my blog's followers. Love you guys,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Misplace One's Trust In Someone ;

Merenung lame melihat screen laptop,

Merenung lame melihat keypad laptop,

Sambil berfikir untuk entry ini,

Yang jelas memang aku takde idea langsung nak taip ape. Jari jadi kaku, tak rancak seperti dulu. Same seperti kepala otak aku seperti jammed di situ memikirkan sesuatu. Mulut jugak kaku seperti tiada ape hendak diluahkan. Tapi sebenarnya dalam hati sungguh banyak benda mahu dibicarakan.

Saat saat sukar dalam hidup, tapi hidup perlu diteruskan. Harus menghadapi ape saje yang berada di hadapan.

Persoalan terakhir, adakah senang hendak memaafkan seseorang bile kepercayaan anda seperti dipijak pijak?

Serabut Rabut But Butuh!