Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Every Breath Is A Second Chance ;

There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't. 
What you got to do is turn around and say ;
" Watch me "


What will happen the day after tomorrow and after tomorrow? I have no idea. Chillex,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Life Is Always Not Beautiful ;

Maybe right now, you on the top. But please remind you are always be on top. One day, you would be down too. Quickly as possible, probably late. We just don't know what the exactly us. While you are on the top now, please be nice and down to earth. Later on, people just help you if you are in trouble.

Maybe right now, you are happy. There always be a sad day for you and us. Still, don't know when it is. When you are happy, make people around you happy too. When you are sad, they are with you.

Maybe right now, you are hurt. Don't worry one day you will never be hurt anymore. But still don't know when the hearts heal the wounds. It's just feeding the time to recover it. And please don't make your love one feel hurt with you. Because don't know there no second chance for you. Then you would feel regret until you close your eyes!

There are some life cycle of me, you and all of us. Don't take it easy in every things you do!  

Mungkin hari ini hari kesedihan aku, Siapa tahu esok lusa hari kesedihan kau lagi teruk dari aku. Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui. Redha is the best way for me. And I am learning to being redha in my life.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kebodohan Sendiri Akhirnya Memakan Diri ;

Ini entry memang menyakitkan hati. Sebab aku patah hati dengan sesuatu. 

That I am stupid person? Yessss, I am just realize the stupid of me. Being stupid to stupid person. Secara tak langsung, dengan aku aku bodoh. Terasa aku nie diperkotak katikkan, dipergunakan, dipermainkan, ditipuan hidup hidup, di ape lagi. Entahlah. Yang aku rase sekarang AKU BODOH! Sangat BODOH. Kesialan terhadap diri sendiri. Kebabian terhadap diri sendiri. Kegampangan terhadap diri sendiri.


Aku anggap ini one part the last sadness yang pernah aku rase. Sebab aku tak rase aku buat taik dengan orang, tapi kalau ini dah ditakdirkan untuk aku. Just through it. I gonna make my life better than this. And learn not simply to trust people even more we know the person after all this time. REMEMBER THAT!

Sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya tersungkur kat longkang jugak. Hadap lah kau dengan air longkang yang busuk lagi hanyir tuh. Sudah selesai segala galanya. 


Move on! Pandang depan saje. Jangan toleh belakang, painful!

Friday, November 26, 2010

I Am Having Relationship With Pizza And Lasagna ;


I guess pizza and lasagna are only make me happy for now. Make me full enough. Make me smile all the day. Make me feeling good. Make me a great person. Make me everything. LOL! Berape banyak make me lorhh. Like what I am write just now, I am having relationship with pizza and lasagna. No wonder lah, I puji kaw kaw nye with my new relationship.

Like I do care. You all having relationship with human, but I am really into with food. Sound cool right? Muahaha. Aku dah giler. Currently, I want really love foods. I have too. Because after make me full, then probably make my eyes jadi kecik kecik. Mean membute lahh yang oii.

And the result, my weight can turn to 45kg-50kg! Ater dah makan tido makan tido. Tak GEMOK ke nanti. Aku nak GEMOK boleh? Kesian kat orang sekeliling aku, take care of me so muchy. Sikit sikit cakap aku sakit, sikit sikit cakap aku haggard giler, PALING SYOK cakap aku putus cinta. Tuh yang melidi je. Haha. hanya mampu ketawa je lah bile orang cakap camtuh kat aku. 

Alright. I have to force myself to love foods. Love love love so much. Then foods also can love me too. Supaya keserasian antara kami akan wujud dan berkembang. Badan aku pun akan berkembang jugak. Kehkehkeh. Tetibe nanti badan dah kembang jadi semakin kembang dan kembang. Time tuh, pulun pulak cari loose weight nye product. Dah sudah.

Takpe. Biarin saje. Bluekkk!

To achieve the target yang kononnya nak GEMOK kan, I harus in love with makanan yang bercheesy cheesy. Instead pizza and lasagna are perfect choice for me. Maybe burger also can. Makanan berminyak tolak tepi.  Nanti lame lame muak. Alah dah muak makan nasi pulak. Hoho! Sungguh unhealty plan. So you guys, jangan ikut aku ye. Eh biarlah kan, aku suke makan makanan yang sedap sedap je. Yang tak sedap, tak suke.

Actually, I have to be always happy no matter what happen. I want smile when I am awake, put a side all my unconcious feeling and all my problems. That's my main point actually. Ngeh ngeh. Taip kemain panjang kannn.


Please, I don't want to be like that okay! Seriously don't want. Teruk sangat dah nie. Tengah pikir next week I am having relationship with what kind of food. Pikir pikir pikir!

Dilemma Of The Fifth Semester ;

Hello Friday, Morning!

Suppose I have class today, but the wheater is not good. So I can't go to the college. Macam cuaca tak mengizinkan aku pegi ke kolej pada minggu pertama kolej. Lagipun first week selalunya takde pe sangat. Just introduction cam gituh. Takde belajar sangat. Muahaha. Ayat standard nie.

Banyak lah aku takde belajar sangat. Kelas Mathematics Engineering II dah start okayy since last wednesday. Hari ini pulak ade that class from 11-1. What to do, dah hujan kat umah aku. Tarik balik comforterrr lah pasni. Sorry Mr Tan Tiak Kun ( TTK ). I am absent your class doesn't mean I'm lazy. Peace out!

Continue with my dilemma. Ceit! Belum pape dah dilemma bagai kan. It's such so drama. LOL! But seriously, I am bit confusing and don't know what the exactly subject that I am suppose to register. Okay, this is the subject that I really confirm ;

#Advanced IC
#Advanced IC Lab
#Mathematics Engineering II
#Basic Entrepreneurship
#Engineer & Society

The total credit hours currently are 15! But I'm gonna make it until 18 credit hours. So I have TWO options ;

First option : I add up Thesis  I

Second option : I add up Drawing Engineering and Coco II

Dilemma oh dilemma! My life kinda boring if there is not drama. But I am not drama queen! Ni amende drama, drama queen nie. Aku nak cakap lain. Typo error betol lah. Haishhh, suke merepek meraban ntah pape. Make you annoying it's? Muahaha. Padan muke!

Maybe, I guess ...
... going back to bed with a dream,
waking up with a purpose!

Last but not least, aku rasa nak campak je broadband celcom nie. Make me GGGGRRRRRRR so much, you know! Done.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flying In The Plane Of Ambition ;

Dear Byby

Fly in the plane of ambition and land in the airport of success,
Luck is yours, wish is mine,
May your final always shine,
May your future always shine,

And focus on your final now. Then after 5th December, please come over my house.


Kasi bold underwater, biar semangat dengan final exam. LOL!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Tongue Joy Currently ;

' Oh mak kau pan***! '

That's my tongue joy now! Aku kuat melatah sekarang. Freaking fucking stupid me! Sikit sikit kuar oh mak kau pan***. Sorry okay, aku bukan sengaja nak cakap macam tuh. Tapi lidah aku macam suke benor melatah that sentence. I am just wondering sejak bile, sejak kapan aku start ade habit melatah nie. People near me also perasan that thing.

Weirdo! There's no my family members ade habit melatah nie. Tetibe aku pulak boleh terkenan melatah bagai. Serius I can't control it. Kalau aku terkejut, secara automatik mulut aku laju je sebut oh mak kau pan***. Tak kire kat mane pun, tak kire lah that time ade laki ke pompuan, tak kire lah yang depan aku tuh orang tua ke ape. Aku malu tau. Macam tak manis lah kan anak dara dok melatah camtuh. Adoyaiiii. Makcik pakcik dah elok elok berkenan dengan aku, kang terus reject bile dengar aku melatah. Soberrrrr lah akuuuu.

Macam mane nak buang habit melatah nie ye? Anyone please? Share with me.

You know what, my brother said that I can stop my tongue joy IF ...


 ... dia nak cilikan bibir aku. Perghhhh! Dia cakap for sure after that aku dah tak melatah bagai dah. How could you want to cili cili me?

Mahu berbirat bibir mongil aku kann. Bertambah tambah mongil bibir aku bile ditenyeh cili kat bibir aku. Oh tidak lah kannn. Muahaha.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Actually, It's Not Easy As A Pie ;

Such no way now!

Nampak macam mudah. Tapi sebenarnya susah. Lagi lagi melibatkan perasaan. Keadaan akan jadi rumit bila mane manusia tak mahu memahami perasaan sesama manusia. Because of EGO! And make it so difficult, such no effort to solve the problem. Perhaps silence way is the best, but being silence is not good idea. Still the problem can't be settle yet.

Alright. Kadang kadang niat di hati hanya mahu bergurau atau etc, malangnya disalahertikan. Then you are in trouble right if that happen. Try to explain, but like no chance to do that. If no chances, what should me or you do? For me, it's okay with the second chance. After that,depend on that person how they deal within.

I need people understand me and at the same time probably I can understand you. Persefahaman adalah sangat penting actually, tak kira among family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend and etc. In whatever kind relationship we need the strong roots. Then everything just easily. Sometime we have to go through hardly situation for us being more mature.

I love to do like ' cebikkan mulut ' when me feeling not very well. I don't why. Cebik cebik mulut ni macam dah sebati dengan diri aku. Muahaha. Dari kecik suke cebik cebik. Maybe mak aku time pregnant kan aku kenan ngan cebik kot. LOL!

Cube lah try mencebikkan mulut anda semua. Terasa semua masalah kuar melalui mulut korang. Ringan dari beban sekejap. Okay, sekejap je. Tak lame mane punnn. 

At least.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I Wish My Money Would Have Sex In My Wallet And Multiply ;

Yes, only wish! I know. Tapi kenapa tidak kan? Duit boleh beranak pinak. Everyone surely happy. NO money matters anymore. When you open up your wallet, your money would be double up! Fuyooooo. Boleh beronok ronok dengan hati senang sekali!

Seriusly, I need money. Indeed!

Currently, I spent a lot into my expenses. Like money out every day rather than money in. And the worst part, I don't know and I don't see where my money running out. Oh, gosh! I HATE when I only have a little penny in my pocket. Because I ain't into owe money from others. It's NOT so me!

And now on my mind is seeking the part time job. But first, I have to see how it's my schedule on 5th semester. Hopefully it is not pack with classes. Hopefully again I get some free space that available me to be part timer. Mak memang giler duit nyah. Kalau duit takde, I feel so stress. Hati tak senang. Money oh money! Come to momma. Come to momma.

Being full-time student and part timer, sangat lah penat. Mane nak catch up study, mane nak catch mase pegi keje. I had an experience that. Unfortunately, I have no choice. Need to work, get some pocket money to me. Huh, baru hati senang kalau ade duit. That time you can see my smile from ear to ear. Muahaha.

Sometimes I so UNLUCKY. Sebab ade employer tanak amik aku keje. Because of they think I can't work. They said mine looks like school girl. So, they turn up one's nose at me. Kejam kannn? In other work, they want their employees look mature. Macam muke tua, tapi umur muda. Huh, lebih kurang macam tuh lah. Kecik tau hati aku wahai majikan. Sebab mentah mentah kau tolak aku. Cibai lu! Such a jerk person. Tapi dah Allah kurniakan muka aku macam budak budak, nak buat macam mane lagi kan. Tak kan nak buat plastic surgery lak. Syukur alhamdullilah dengan kurnia-Nya.

Bestnya, kalau dapat duit terpijak kan? Seumur hidup aku, tak pernah lagi dapat rezeki terpijak nie.Korang pernah dapat duit terpijak tak? Berape banyak? Rezeki rezeki rezeki. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

At Least Now, I Still Breathe ;

Breathe in,
Breathe out,

Headache, headache, headache!

Syukur, I still can breathe untill now. I don't know how to start it. In a week, I was not in a good mood. In my head, there something that i thinked. But, I don't know what I was thinked. Ho-ho. End up, I headache. Throbbed! Everything was like messed up. This is story last fews day.

Today, I feel not so good, not so bad. In the middle mood, I think. A bit sad and frust because can't shout at Shout Award. Sob sob sob. To Nurul, sorry because I can't make it babe. Ayat sedih. It's good for you, release tension before your final exammmm. Shouttttt!!!

Last but not least, alhamdullilah. my result was good. Most important, no mader-effff! Yeehaaa. I passed my Numerical Method! Cheer up, cheer up, cheer up. No worried anymore about that killer subjectttt. Thanks Miss Shiela.

Say Hello 5th Semester,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kalau Berpacaran, Memang Banyak Pantang Larang ;

Selamat Petang.

Tajuk macam cliche je kan. Lantak lah!

Hujan lagi di sini. Dan sememangnya sekarang musim hujan yang tak menentu. Kadang kadang hujan, kadang kadang panas. Seperti mendengar guruh di langit, jangan di sangka akan hujan lebat. Kan? Tipikal manusia, dengar je guruh, cepat cepat angkat baju di ampaian. Eh eh, itu dah masuk dalam citer P. Ramlee dah. LOL!

Oleh itu, janganlah cari nahas ketika cuaca tak menentu ni. Al wajibun menjaga diri sendiri agar tidak berlaku ape yang tak diingini. Kalau tak siapa lagi nak jaga diri kita kan. Tak kan orang lain kot nak tolong monitar kan kita. Ini ape yang aku meroyan ntah, aku pun tak tahu. No reason. Hmmm.

Dan lagi satu, berjaga jaga dengan kawasan rumah anda. Mungkin ade nyamuk aedes. Owh abang aku baru je keluar dari wad sebab suspek denggi. Alhamdullilah, keadaan dia dah okay. Kalau rase demam demam, cepat cepat pegi check ye. Jangan dibiarkan melarat. Ataupun cuba minum 100 Plus berbotol botol. Biar demam cepat kebah. Al maklum esok dah raye! Raye! Nanti kalau tak sihat, tak bestlah kan. Now, I can smell rendang ayam. Sodapppp.

Rasanya, ramai dah tengok video awek menangis sebab kononnya boyfriend dia nak tinggalkan dia. Last last dorang buat drama lak kan. French Kiss in public. What the fuck! Paling tak boleh blah, member member dorang pegi rakam. Memang terbaek! Paling kesian semua yang tengok video tuh dok menyumpah nyumpah. Ini berape banyak paling lah. Lain kali, check in dulu ye!

Mari dengar lagu, " Kalau Berpacaran " by Ana Raffali, Altimet and Suhaimi Mior Hassan.

Soalan cepumas! Ade ke couple jalan tak pegang pegang tangan? Ade ke couple jalan jauh jauh, duduk renggang renggang? Muahaha. Kena batang hidung weyh!

Selamat Hari Raya Haji Semua, ♥!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Na Na, What's My Name ;

Happy Monday.

This morning like so gloomy. I don't why. Maybe because of the weather. As the sun hids behind the clouds. No sunshine as well I can see. Also impact my mood. Should I blame the gloomy morning?Or blame myself? I prefer blame the weather. This is not my fault. The gloomy weather make me as dump. =(

Lately, I am morning person. Around 6.30 am, automatically I am awake from my sleeping beauty, no lah. Awake from my sleeping ugly, that's perfect to me. LOL! Seriously, I hate being morning person. U know why? Because after that I don't know what to do then. Look at the clock, still morning. Then make it me as blur people. Kinda pumpkin head. Oh! No...

Okay, I do some housework like neat my bed, broom the house, fold clothes and others. Finish everyhting, look at the clock still in the morning. I am such be out of my sense. Like meroyan sorang sorang dah macam tuh. End up, just stare on my lappy for nothing reason. Kinda suck! Muahaha.

Carry on. Do you hear new single from Miss Ri-Ri, yeah actually Rihanna. I love to call her Mrs Ri-Ri. Sound cute right? I know I am the cute person. Muahaha. Tetibe sawan perasan cute lak. Her new single is What's my name. Cool song for me. I don't how about you.

I am just love the way Miss Ri-Ri dye her hair.

A morning person is not cool. Because till now, 12.30 pm I am still lying on my bed. Which is not good right. Sobs. And I am alone now, mak and ayah leave me alone at house. Sobs again.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Menjauh Dari KL Untuk Ribuan Batu ;


Ketika ini, saat ini, memang aku sudah berada jauh dari Kuala Lumpur. Jauh dari town yang tak pernah kenal erti penat. Jauh dari kesesakan jalan raya. Jauh dari segala galanye. Sesungguhnye hujan panas di negeri orang, hujan batu di tempat asal. Eh, betul ke pepatah Melayu tuh? Aku hentam kromo je kan. Haha. Tapi nampak gayanye tak berapa nak hujan batu kat sini, agak hujan lebat di sini.

Aku pergi meninggalkan Kuala Lumpur. Kembali ke tempat lahir aku untuk seketika.

Musim hujan agak membataskan segala gerak langkah. Musim hujan adalah musim membesarkan bontot dan membuat tahi mata sekilang. Lupekan mahu liburan di sini, seperti tidak mengizinkan aku keluar rumah. Sayu sungguh!

It's 14th November 2010, Happy Birthday Mr Scorpio ;

Dear Mr Scorpio ;

Happy Birthday, now your one year older.
Happy Birthday, your life still isn't over.
Happy Birthday, you did not accomplish much.
But you didn't die this year I guess that's good enough.

Happy Birthday, what have you done that matters?
Happy Birthday, your starting to get fatter.
Happy Birthday, it's downhill from now on.
Try not to remind yourself your best years are all gone

I love you? You know I do,
Say hello to 23, ♥

Friday, November 12, 2010

Katy Perry Makan Hati Tengok Lelaki Lelaki Jambu Lagi Hot Menyanyi Sambil Menari Lagu " Teenage Dream " ;

Korang makan hati tak tengok title post aku kemain panjang? Lantak pi lah. Pulun aku dok pikir nak taruk pe lah title nie. Dok pikir punye pikir, maka terhasil lah title semenggah camtuh. LOL! Biarkan saje title panjang aku itu.

Seharian aku ber'you-tubing'. Seronok memang seronok. Tapi sakit hati sebab nak loading youtube tu kemain lame. Well, aku pakai jalur lebar saje, so harap maklumlah dengan kelajuan jalur lebar. What's me has been paid, what's me get back right. Pasrah saje dengan jalur lebar aku. T______T.

Sambung balik pasal lelaki lelaki jambu lagi hot dok hebat nyanyi lepas tuh nari nari sikit. Wow! Comel lah. Aku suke betul tengok lelaki lelaki ini. Pulun tau dorang nyanyi lagu Katy Perry, yang Teenage Dream tuh. Excited betul. Aku yang tengok pun rase nak join sekali menari ala ala dorang. Muahaha. Confirm Katy Perry tengok menggelabah dia. Sebab dorang nye performance lagi best.

Budak budak dalam GLEE yang cover. For sure, perfecto! Lagi fun pulak tu. Pastuh jambu jambu lak. Okay, I quit annoying now. Stop it! Just enjoy this baby bloggy ;

Ape kate korang? Best ke tak? Siapa cakap tak best, boleh blah sekarang. Pergi main jauh jauh. Syyyhhhh. Ape yang penting, aku suke ye. Korang tak suke, dah. Sile angkat kaki! T_____T

You make me feel like Im living the teenage dream...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daily Routine During The Hollydays ;

Makan, internet, tv, membege, tido!

Kasihan, sungguh takde kehidupan di musim cuti ini. Benda yang same ye aku buat setiap hari sepanjang cuti semester. Plan macam macam, nak buat itu, nak buat ini, last last ape pun tadak. Timing semua macam serba tak kena pulak. Time aku free, member aku tak free. Time aku tak free, dan dan lah ajak g sane, ajak g sini.

So, hollydays were not like gateway from trouble to me. Now, feel like hollydays were like trouble maker to my days. Sober! Sober! Sober!

Okay, bukan salah kamu! Salah aku,

Oh sedapnye! Di kala bosan teramat nie, mulut ku laju menggigit straw my faveret, Java Chip. Telan air liur dah pulak aku nie. Nak Java Chip sekarang, boleh? Gigil dah nie. Emm, kalau tak dapat Java Chip pun, maybe Tako Balls Midvalley. Haiyoooo. Sedapnye! Tak pun Jcool Yogurt. Alah alah, banyak lah songeh tekak aku nie. 

Can someone delivery Java Chip to me?
Okay, take a nap, jap g aku mimpi ade orang anta ye. LOL

Ini ape yang aku merepek pun aku tak tahu. Nampak sangat takde arah tujuan dalam entry ini. Muahaha. Sumpah mak bosan tahap gaban nyahhh.

ChurpChurp, Twitter And Tag By Syida Dot Dot ;

Firstly, I got my first campaign assignment from ChurpChurp. Happy a lots! It's all about Armani Exchange 30% off promo. Because my first time and kinda blur about ChurpChurp, asked Ynn and she helped me out. Thanks Ynn. =)

Secondly, about Twitter! I do have as mine too. Quit active to tweet now! And don't know why. Please do follow mine. Muahaha. Sound like very charge of sympathy. Bluek. Lai lai lai here, follow me on Twitter okayyy. Debushhhh. LOL! Feeling free to follow, no constraint or enforcement.

Lastly, tag by Syida dot dot. So interesting this tag. I love it so much, thanks Syida had been tagged me! I will tag to all my followers and non-followers. If you nothing to do, please do this tag okayy. Some how can release tension a bit because some of you in exam mood now right? So get a little time for interesting tag!

Continue the tag!

my personality:

• i’m loud.
•i’m obnoxious.
•i’m sarcastic.
•i’m cocky.
i cry easily.
i have a bad temper. •for the most part i don’t like people.
i’m easy to get along with.
•i have more enemies than friends.
•i’ve smoked.
•i’ve smoked weed.
i drink coffee.
•i clean my room daily.

my appearance:

• i wear makeup.
•i wear a piece of jewelry at all times.
i wear contacts.
i wear glasses.
•i have braces.
•i change my hair colour often
i straighten my hair often
i have a piercing
•i have small feet

i’m in a relationship now.
i’m single.
•i’m crushin’.
i’m in love.
i’m always scared of being hurt.
•an ex has physically abused me at least once.
i’ve told someone i loved them when i didn’t.
i’ve told someone i didn’t love them when i did.

•i’ve been in love more than two times.
i believe in love at first sight.
•i believe lust is more important than love.

i have a best friend.
i have at least ten friends.
 i’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend.
•i’ve beaten up a friend.
i’ve been in a serious fight with a friend.
•i can trust at least five people with my life. 


i’ve been on a plane.
i’ve been on a train. 

someone close to me has died.
i’ve taken a taxi.
i’ve taken a city bus.
i’ve taken a school bus. 

 •i’ve gone bungee jumping.
•i’ve made a speech.
•i’ve been in some sort of club.
•i’ve won an award.
i’ve spent 24 hours on the computer straight.
i’ve been in a physical fight

i listen to rnb 
i listen to country.
i listen to pop.
i listen to techno.
i listen to rock.

i’m one of those people who play songs repeatedly until i hate it.
•i hate the radio.
i download music. •i buy cd’s.

i spend at least six hours a day watching television.
 •i watch soap operas daily.
•i’m in love with days of our lives.
i’ve seen and liked the o.c.
i’ve seen and liked one tree hill.
i’ve seen and like americas next top model. 
 •i’ve seen and like popular.
i’ve seen and like 24.
i’ve seen and liked csi.
•i’ve seen and like everwood.
family life:

i get along with both of my parents.
my biological parents are still together.
i have at least one brother. 

i have at least one sister.
•i have at least one step brother/sister.
•i have at least one half brother/sister.
•i’ve been kicked out of the house.
•i’ve ran away from my home.
•i’ve sworn at my parents.
i’ve made my parents cry.
i’ve lied to my parents.
i’ve lied to my parents about where i am.
i’ve lied to my parents about what i’m doing.
i’ve lied to my parents so i’d be allowed out.
i’ve walked out when i’ve been grounded.

i’ve been brown.
•i’ve had streaks.
i’ve cut my hair in the past year.  T_____T
•i’ve dyed my hair in the past year.
•i’ve been blonde.
i’ve had black.
•i’ve been red.
•i’ve been light brown.
•i’ve been medium brown.
•i’ve been blue/green.
i’ve gotten my hair thinned.
i use conditioner.
i’ve used silk therapy.
•i’ve used hot oil treatments.
i’ve curled my hair.
i’ve straightened my hair.
i’ve ironed my hair. 
 i’ve braided my hair.

•i’ve yelled at a teacher.
i’ve been suspended.
i’ve had an in-school suspension.
i’ve been sent to the principals office.
i’ve walked out of class.
i’ve skipped an entire day of school.

•i’ve skipped a whole month of one certain class.
i’ve failed a test.
i’ve cheated on a test.
i’ve helped someone else cheat on a test.
•i’ve failed art.
•i’ve failed p.e.
•i’ve failed math.
i’ve failed science.
•i’ve failed another class.
a teacher has called my parents 

Okay! Done. Happy lunch hour my baby bloggy, spread more positive vibrates among us. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rambut Sodok Tepi Memang Style Habis Lah ;

Macho tak aku?

Zaman sekarang kan, fesyen rambut sodok nie bukan dimonopoli oleh kaum lelaki saje. Dan zaman sekarang jugak para para gadis gadis muda mahupun dari golongan wanita mahu rambut mereka disodok! Baru mengancam. Style pun style jugak. Aku pulak memang dah mula minat gaya bebas rambut secara sodok nie. Since aku tengok Rihanna nyer rambut.

Haish mula menyimpan hasrat untuk MENYODOK TEPI RAMBUT AKU! Malangnye harus ditunda dulu hasrat itu. Sebabnye aku nak rambut aku panjang sedikit, then baru aku continue dengan hasrat suci murni ini. Kalau nak potong pendek memang tak dapat lah. Aku mahu berambut panjang tapi kasi sodok tepi okayyy. Muahaha.

Memang tak sabar betul! Tak sabar nak berambut panjang lagi mengurai dan mengurai. Alahai rambut aku, cepatlah panjang ye. Kau tahu tak, aku sayang kau rambut. Sayang sangat. Cepatlah, cepatlah, cepatlahhh. Harap harap rambut aku memahami kehendak tuan mu ini. LOL! Dah panjang, boleh sodok tepi.

Nak tengok some more picture rambut ala ala disodok macam jantan. Mane tau ade yang nak try something new hairstyle for end of this year.

Muke sweet, tapi rambut rockstar!

Ini lagi style, kasi line sikit!

Rambut je ala ala jantan, tapi dalaman masih kegadisan. Muahaha. Takde lah sampai menyimpang nak tukar kejantinaan. Tiru sikit je rambut kau, bro!

She Gonna Fly In Her Own Way ;

Dear Farrah,

First of all, a big congratulation because you gonna fly by this Friday. Auwww! Your first baby fly babe. I feel so happy and extra excited for you since you got this one. And I know this is your dream. And I know you really want it. I can see you really work on it. Never give up! You try it on, try it again. Now you are the one of them. Cheer up babe.

Secondly, about the senior! When she really bitch on you, you don't ever bitch back on her. But when she kinda not really bitch on you, please bitch on her. Muahahhaha. Be a smart. Chill!

Thirdly, I want take a ride of your new car. I feel like I sniff the smell of new car. LOL! Please don't ever forget to pick up me and Nurul.

Fourthly, please remember the pick up line ;

Make sense right?

Fifthly, I wish you have a safe journey on your first day!

There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but there are only four ways out of this airplane.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nostalgia Masa Kanak Kanak ;

Ya reeba reeba, Good noon you alls!

I miss my childhood days. Don't you? Dan aku rase macam nak kembali ke zaman 90-an. Boleh tak kembali ke mase lampau. I wish Daroemon is here. Mimpi lah aku. Sebab mase itu aku seronok main main tanpa pikir ape akan jadi esok. Seronok main teng teng, main masak masak dengan tanah, main patung kertas, main lari lari, main polis entry, main gado olok-olok, eh banyak lagi lah aku main main dulu. Jenuh nak taip banyak banyak nie.Yang penting takde kerisauan, takde tanggungjawab, takde masalah hati ke hati, takde kesakitan. Semuanya nampak seronok masa kanak kanak.

Yang paling BEST main kawin olok olok. Muahahaha. Olok olok tahu tak? Ala macam main tipu tipu je. Dulu kecik kecik aku gatal. Selalu nak main kawin kawin. Curik gincu dengan bedak mak sebab nak cantik cantik mase kawin. Esoknye, mak bising mane gincu mak. Semua buat pekak je. Hehe. Sorry ye mak amik gincu kesayangan mak dulu. Ceh, macam emak aku bace je blog aku. Chill sudeyyy.

Then bile umur macam dah banyak sikit, mule lah gatal memasing kan. Takde lah banyak mane umur, dalam 11-12 tahun macam tuh. Rasenye ramai kot dah gatal gatal nak ade awek dengan pakwe time sekolah rendah dulu. Termasuk lah aku. LOL! Dulu aku ade cinta monyet tau, time darjah 6. Huh! Caye tak? Budak budak sibuk nak UPSR, aku pegi sakan bercinta monyet dengan ketua pengawas sekolah aku. Kau ado? Haha.

Sampai kena sound tepek dengan cikgu kelas aku. Sobs! Yelah pakwe aku time tuh, like teacher's favourite student. Aku just pengawas cabok je. Belajar pun tak pandai. Muahaha. Macam langit dengan bumi lah perumpamaannye. Tak sesswaiii gituhhh. Tapi at least, result UPSR aku takdelah merundum sangat. Ade A and B saje. Kire alhamdullilahhh. Dan si kekasih cinta monyet aku sudah pasti straight A ye. Tak heran pun akuuu.

Konon-konon cinta sejati lah tuh, LOL

Sekarang masing masing bile dah besar, macam kelakar pulak. Aku still kawan lagi dengan kekasih cinta monyet aku tau. Mula mula macam segan weyh nak jumpe dia. Tapi pastuh takde hal punye. Dia pun dah ade steady girlfriend, aku pun ade steady boyfriend. Both of us have own way now. Still friend, =)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nak Jugak Angkat Angkat Kening Macam Iklan Cadbury Tuh ;

Hari ini adalah hari video sedunia. Muahahaha. Tadi entry pun ade video video jugak. Second entry pun adooo. Tapi ini serius lawak macam harammm.

Kalau hati kamu lagi sedih, mari mari lepak chill dulu kat entry nie. Pasti bikin kamu yang sedang sedih sedih atau marah marah, lepas tengok 2 jejaka yang macam handsome dok angkat angkat kening. Bajet macam 2 budak kecik dalam iklan Cadbury lah tuhh. Bajet macam comel lah kan dowang nie.

Walaupun dowang nie macam bajet je kan, tapi berjaya buat aku gelak gile gile. Eh gelak gile gile tuh macam mane? Haha. Kau nak tau macam mane? Huh, kau tengok dulu iklan Cadbury khas dari Malaysia nie. Then kau lah macam mane gelaknye kann.

Rase di hati nak jugak buat angkat angkat kening nie, tapi apekan daya, aku takde keistimewaan nak angkat angkat kening nie. Nak angkat sebelah kening pun aku tak reti, lagi nak angkat dua dua kening. Mamposss aku. Tapi macam style kan boleh buat lagu tuhhh.

Tengok 2 kali boleh tahan jugak mamat 2 orang nie. Kahkahkah. Gelak besar punye!

Otak Kalau Dah Kreatif, Macam Macam Idea Keluar ;

Selamat Pagi Kawan Kawan.

So, how's your sunday? Is that cool day for your guys, right? For me, yesterday was like procrastinating. Ye hari menunda-nunda dan tertunda-tunda. Sebab seharian aku di atas tilam yang empuk saja. Because I had my period pain. Which is not good for me, better I am just rest the whole yesterday. And today, I am bit freshy and my stomach seems look good today. Kinda! Haha.

Monday blues! But I am not having any problem with Monday. Hehe. Sebab aku tengah semester break sekarang. Cube school days, probably it's Monday blues for me when I have class on Monday. Langsung tak cool ade kelas pada hari Isnin. Tak puas dengan hari minggu lagi. Tamak kan. I bet you have a same feeling with me? Don't lie okayyy. Every single lie can make people became more worst. Instead stop lying from now. =)

Speaking about lie thingy, I sure all of you know the song I LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE, by Eminem feat Rihanna right? Tipu noh kalau korang tak tahu. Giler glamer lagu nie kan. Dan rasenye lagu nie memang best plus ramai kot orang layan lagu nie. Kalau siapa tak suke tuh, tak boleh kate pe lah kan. Citarasa masing masing semua berbeza beza meh. Kalau semua same, tak syok jugak! Tak gituh, kawan kawan.

Okay, pagi pagi aku dah online. Then jumpe macam agak aneh tapi kagum jugak dengan video nie. I think it's the creative one video. Maybe sebab ketagih dengan facebook sampai boleh terpikir nak buat lagu I LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE dengan facebook.

Sebelum tengok, mari tepuk tangan dulu!

Dah abes tengok, hentak kepale pulak. Eh eh, jangan hentak kaki sudeyyyy!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

" Kawan Lelaki Aku Pernah Mahu Tidor Dengan Aku "

Pernah tak you girls mengalami situation macam nie? Bengang tak kalau jadi kat korang?

For me, yes! I had an experience which my guy friend want to sleep with okay. Not even sleep, he wanted to fuck me. Ohmaigod! I can't believe this happen to me. Eh come on lah! Kawan kot. Agak agak lah kan. Actually he send message to me in late night which the message look like this ;

Aku nak MAIN dengan kau ar weyh?

Siap bold and highlight lagi that word okay. For common sense, main tuh beromen atau memantat ah kan. Atau lebih kasar, FUCK! Haha. Aku macam kimak betul mamat nie boleh msg aku nak ajak main. Kau ingat aku nie slut or pervert sangat ke weyh. And tetibe aku rase macam aku HOT sangat sampai member sendiri pun nak ajak main. Muahahaha. Pade hal kurus kering je. Isi pun takde.

Lain ah message ajak couple, kire macam masuk akal lah. Ini message gampang macam tuh, so ridicilious okay.

Serious aku cakap aku tak tegur langsung that boy kat kelas. Aku nak tengok reaksi dia pe kan. Dia pun macam takut takut dan segan segan je dengan aku, langsung tak tegur aku. And kalau boleh dia taknak pandang muke aku tuh. Macam aku pulak kan buat salah dengan dia. Padehal kitorang ngam ah dalam kelas. Hoho. Kau tahu pun malu kan? Ingat takde perasaan kemaluan. Haha.

He never say sorry to me okay. At least be gentle ah kan, confess dengan aku. Be a man! Take responsible what you have done.

You wanna fuck me, I give my middle finger for you!

Bile aku ingat balik benda bodoh nie, macam kelakar pulak. Haha. Macam cibai pun ye gak!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Semalam, Impian Nak Ke Tokyo Aku Hancur Lebur ;

Pagi macam kecewa!

Punya lah excited giler kan tunggu 4th November, konon konon nak ke opening day UNIQLO. Tapi dah takde rezeki kan. Sampai pun around 10.30 pagi cmtuh. Kemain lebat manusia beratur, still gigih lagi aku nak queue. Then member aku, Nurul datang. Dua dua dah macam pikir dua kali. Still continue ke, or blah je. Decided to off from there. Hahaha.

Majoriti Cina lah cover kot. Yelah. Brand from Jepang kot. LOL! Sampai aunty aunty and uncle uncle pun datang queue. Haha. Mahu tak serabut aku. Tapi memang sumpah ramai doh. Time aku blah pun, manusia lagi ramai nak masuk.

Takpe, nanti aku pegi gak UNIQLO. Even harga dah tak murah murah lagi. Sober giler ayat! Don't know when, like as soon as possible.

Later, off to Kota Damansara. Tak kecewa lagi dah, =)

Then we're went off to Sunway Giza. Teman Nurul nak dye rambut. Mula mula pegi kat KOSVOGUE, sebab dalam paper ade promotion. Usha punye usha, mak aihhh boleh tahan gak price. Tapi ade coating weyhhh. I wanna do coating! Nak rambut cantik. Tapi disebabkan macam harga dye je dah buat kitorang sengih sengih and angkat angkat kening between us. Haha. Takut pulak nak tanye kalau buat coating berape. Tapi I think around RM400++ kot.

Dan sedar diri kami hanye student, maka carilah budjet untuk student. Lucky, dapat jugak. Nurul got RM150, dye and treatment. Better lah kan. Like started of yesterday, we both like upset gak tak masuk UNIQLO. But we had fun together. That's enough for me.

End up by I love the way Rihanna's hair style and the hoot dye ;

Oh meletop rambut kau, Rihanna!

Chop! Sumpah jeles giler siapa yang masuk UNIQLO semalam. Okay bye!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mrs Period Pain Make Me Out Of My Mind ;

Introduce my bad enemy, Mrs Period Pain! I hate you so much, but Mrs Period Pain kinda love me so much. Yeah. Every month, always make my few days like a hell. Never stop to bother me. Setiap bulan aku jadi jiwa kacau and mood semua kedaung sebab makcik nie.

Please lah Mrs Period Pain, go away from me. Pergi lah jauh jauh sane. Penat tau bile kau ganggu aku. And the worst part, semua orang terkena tempiasnye sebab aku moody. Kasihan orang sekeliling aku. Make them sober sober to me. But it's not my fault, Mrs Period Pain's fault.

Cube tengok! Tengok! Tengok! Betapa busuknye hati Mrs Period Pain sampai aku hanya larat terbaring. Kejam sungguh. Hanya mampu menahan sakit yang amat. Sangat sakit ye. Within that, aku sempat google gooogle cari petua ke ape untuk kurangkan kesakitan, kesengal, kesenggugutan.

Here I found a few petua, masih belum mencuba. Sebab malas. Tapi mahu jugak share. Mane tahu korang rajin pulak, boleh mentryyyyy ;

# Tumbuk halia hingga lumat, masukkan dalam air suam. Halia dah mendap, baru minum. Tapi sebelum tuh, bace selawat dulu.

# Minum air teh pahit tanpa gula.

I rather pilih minum air teh kot. Dari air halia. Mahu muntah pulak aku minum air halia.

Aku memerlukan energy yang banyak hari ini. Sebab mahu ke UNIQLO dan Kota Damansara. By the time, I wish I could be superwoman. Haha.

I ♥ mingle ;

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kau Suke Si Dia Propose Kau Macam Mane?

Do watch this video ;


She doestn't just love men of action. There has to be a spiritual side too.

Definately agree with the quote. I love my man in action but inside of him full of love. Alamak weyhhh. Selalu buat sesuatu yang aku tak terpikir pun. Macam suprise suprise things but in rarely way. Ohhhh God! Love are just everywhere. 

Wahai kekasih, lamarlah daku mungkin dengan cara ini ;

Purpose time at garden ;

Maybe, at the beach ;

Maybe, with simple notes ;

Maybe, a ring and cuppy ;

Maybe, reverse way ;

And the question and answer

I love daydream under the sun. So what!

The Songs Got Me This Morning ;

Jatuh cinta dengan lagu lagu kayak rentak club nie tau. Seronok layan. Bile dengar kepala aku automatik terus goyang goyang. Tangan rase macam nak letak kat atas sambil loncat loncat. Badan rase mahu goyang goyang jugak. Eh bukan goyang dangdut ye. Kalau goyang dangdut lagu lain. Lots of laugh!

Seriously, rindu pulak pada zaman kegelapan aku. That's all only a memory. Now move on. Terus kedepan mencari kecahayaan dalam hidup. Tak menahan ayat.

Usher ft Pitbull - DJ Got Us Fallin In Love

Florida ft David Guetta - Club Can't Handle Me  

Today I feel like zombie! Hand's up baby. =)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello Hello UNIQLO, Kon'nichiwa Jepun!

Kemungkinan besar anak anak muda mudi sekarang tengah menunggu the official day, 4th November 2010! Kan kan kan? For sure funye lah. Macam tak sabar sabar je nak tunggu khamis kan. Aku pun same weyh. Lalala. Excited giler. Macam nak cepatkan hari pun ade. Haha.

Eh eh. Pade siapa yang macam blur blur kan. Dan macam tak paham kenape aku cakap tak sabar nak tunggu khamis nie. Meh sini aku bagitau korang ye. Jangan ar sober! Okay, now are you ready to know what's all about? Muahaha. Sengal giler.

Only one word! UNIQLO! Masih tak paham paham lagi? Hehe. UNIQLO adalah brand nombor satu kat Jepun dan brand nie akan dibuka di Malaysia ye. Malaysia adalah negara kita! Yeah. Kau tahu kan Malaysia tuh besar, haha. So bersukecitalah anak anak Kuala Lumpur. Sebab butik UNIQLO akan berada di Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang. Jangan berduka wahai anak luar kota. Drop by saje di Bukit Bintang kalau ade masa. Singgah singgah dan cuci mata sambil menghabiskan duit di UNIQLO.

So siapa yang takde keje atau ade mase lapang boleh serbu UNIQLO khamis nie ye. Dan 500 orang pertama queue time official opening, 11 am berpeluang untuk cuti cuti sakan kat TOKYO der. Huh. gempak tak? Siapa tak nak kan. Mane tahu, anda anda sekalian sungguh bertuah pada hari khamis tersebut dapat tiket free pegi Tokyo. Nak nak nak pegi! Yang ini aku tolak tepi, sebab tengok how's lucky you are on that day kan.

Paling aku excited adalah tshirt, jeans dan jacket in low introductory price! Mahu mahu mahu. Suke aku. Boleh review kat bawah nie. Murah kan. Kire affordable lah price for opening day.

1) UNIQLO’s graphic T‐Shirt collection, UT for only RM29.90 (usual price ‐ RM59.90)
2) UNIQLO’s high‐quality jeans collection, UJ for only RM49.90 (usual price ‐ RM99.90)
3) UNIQLO’s Autumn/Winter 2010 Fleece jackets for only RM49.90 (usual price ‐ RM79.90)
Ape lagi kawan kawan, free free kan mase anda pada Khamis ini, 4th November 2010. Shop till your drop on that day kat UNIQLO!. Kaum Hawa pasti suke dan pantang dengar harga murah murah kan. Angkat angkat kening sesame kaum hawa sekarang. Haha. 

GiveAway Domain From MelRomeo.COM

Selamat tengahari semua! 

Tag contest again by Lassie! Thanks babe, =)

Contest ini telah dianjurkan oleh MelRomeo.com yang bermurah hati untuk bagi free domain sebab poket beliau tengah berkepok kepok dengan duit Nuffnang! Bestlah MelRomeo.com nie. Semoga kamu bermurah rezeki lagi ye. Chill!

Dengan ini, aku telah mentag 5 followers aku yang bertuah! Haha. Ayat poyo giler! Meh lah kite memeriahkan contest MelRomeo.com.

Tag 5 Orang Kawan BLOGGERS
5. Fadz

Tarikh tutup : 30th November 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

25 Hal Rawak, Fakta, Kebiasaan Dan Tujuan Aku!

Hello November baby! Like time flies very fast right. Hanya tinggal 2 bulan lagi for the bew brand years, 2011. Hopefully everything just nice before we say bye-bye to 2010. So let's spread more love among us.

For the first entry for the first day of the month, it's about Tagged by my darl bloggy, Fadz! Thanks okay. Smile.

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note, with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you. at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. you have to tag the person who tagged you. if i tag you, its because i want to know more about you. your cooperation is highly appreciated. haha.

#1. Glasses girl. Somehow like nerdy.
#2. Electronics engineering student.
#3. Petite.
#4. People always thinks that aku sombong giler.
#5. Can be open minded, can be close minded. All depends on situation.
#6. The reason why I took electronic engineering because I love mathematics.
#7. Takut dengan kucing! Geli bile kucing gesel gesel. Stay away cats from me.
#8. Giler duit.Duit! Duit!
#9. Shopping is my therapy.
#10. 80% my stuff, I bought with my own money.
#11. I want my own car, my own house, before aku kawen.
#12. Always my mind, nak anta mak ayah g Haji with my own money.
#13. Reverse thinker. Haha.
#14. Gadis berumur 23 tahun, tapi ramai cakap aku tak mature. Because of my baby face. Puke now people when you read this. Haha.
#15. Paling tak suke orang mengungkit pasal duit.
#16. I have boyfriend for the 6 years we are been together.
#17. Semua serba tak kena bile PMS. Hate that!
#18. I love independent women. Everything they do by herself. Not always depend on men.
#19. One day, I will wearing hijab when I really get ready. That's my promise.
#20. Skinny jeans and baxter are my obsession.
#21. I want to improve my communication skills to be better and better.
#22. Ye, aku mengaku I do not have a many friends. But I love my friends so much.
#23. Designer handbags and travel all the world are my wish. I really want it before I turn 30 years old.
#24. Ade penyakit gatal hidung iaitu, resdung. I am so depressed on it.
#25. Eat Pray Love!

 Peace from me yaww, ♥

Too much random about me. Haha. By the way, selamat tengahari. Happy lunch hour! Also happy sleep hour. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Evil laugh!

Jangan Lepaskan Chance Free Ticket For Shout! Awards 2010

Siapa ade kat Sungei Wang semalam petang??? Hehe. Mesti suka kan. Dapat ticket free Shout! Awards. Seorang boleh dapat sekali 3 ticket free lagi. Mahu tak senyum sampai telinga. So boleh angkut mak pak, akak abang, boyfriend girlfriend, pegi tengok Shout! Award this year.

Semalam pun aku macam ade kat Sungei Wang in a good timing. Ngam ngam roadshow start aku ade kat Sungei Wang. Pastuh dengar pulak miss hot, Daphne Iking cakap siapa cepat boleh dapat ticket free. Aku dengan member aku excited giler dengar. Terus teruja! Tapi seriuosly semalam Daphne Iking sexy plus hot gilerrrr. Rugi ooo siapa tade kat Sungei Wang semalam. Ngeh ngeh ngeh! Gelak jahatttt.

Okay, chill lah. Pade siapa nak ticket free still got time maa. No worries. Boleh pegi next roadshow Shout! Awards and grab the free ticket okayyy. Kau rileks je. Kalau ade rezeki kau pegi, ade lah kan. Pasti ade jalan untuk kau. Ayat aku poyo tak. Hehe.

Roadshow Shout! Awards

31/10/2010 Sungei Wang Plaza  5.30pm - 6.45pm
06/11/2010 Mahkota Parade      2.00pm - 4.00pm
13/11/2010 The Curve               1.00pm - 3.00pm

Serbu lah next roadshow Shout! Awards for free ticket okayyyy. Nanti boleh kite shout shout shout kat Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil on 20th November 2010. Sekian, wassalam!