Tuesday, July 13, 2010

♥ 43 : masa sungguh pantas, aku sudah menjangkau 23 tahun

is that i am going to be something by my age now? the answer is no. currently aku stil doing my degree. i have around 1 year and half to complete it. thats mean by 25, aku baru terhegeh hegeh nak carik keje bagai kan. baru nak merasa duit sendrik. baru terhegeh hegeh nak carik aset for myself. it's just long way to go babe.

dan si kacak memujuk aku dengan sweet word dan memek muke yang aku rase cam oh amek berat nyer ko kat aku kan. terharu aku! he said only thing that i have by 23 is myself. not yourself, not being yourself. actually i agree with that. for this moment i should enjoy to find even more myself, enjoy to be me, not stereotype. plus adekah aku dah cukup mature to go thru all things in my life? i still have no idea. but i feel i still like childish. very okay. saome more i make people around me annoying to me. that's my feeling. especially to mohamad saiful razali, thanks for everything. i hope i will never be the same, if we meet again! promise.

u know what, some my friends are 23, just finished their degree. some more doing master for their feild, some more who engaged, some more who married, some more who also had a baby, being hot mama. oh god! i have nothing than them okay. but i have my own doing. sigh.

i wanna feel free by the age 23 ;


izansalleh® said...

age is a number ;)

shima said...

izan;yeah!tp cam x sangka i dah 23 dah.huhu.:)

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