Monday, July 19, 2010

♥ 54 : i love Baxter, =)

so far, i had a few baxter skinny jeans from topshop. tade lar banyak sangat, ade dalam 6 pairs je. yeah! i am so into with topshop's stuff. especially skinny jeans lar. variety of skinny jeans, but i am baxter lover so much. they are very fit with me.

you know what, i feel like i have sexy legs when i wear my baxter. eventho you don't think like that, i don't care. it's mine. i just being crazy when i am in topshop bebeh. plus i feel like old school giler with baxter. i tell you i love 80's and 70's, great!

this is my 'kegilaan' ;

i am freaking love with Baxter Skinny Jeans all the way, ♥

p/s ; i got new one baxter last week! suke suke suke, =))


ada m0khtar said...

luv it too :)

shima said...

kan ada. im very love it.:)

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