Monday, August 2, 2010

♥ 66 : MTV Worldstage 2010 was awesome

hey ho! hey ho! hey ho! what a blast weekend okay. i am so exhausted till today, but totally had fun there. so you guys just enjoy a few piccas from. not so perfect, but quit okay lar the piccas. camera pon bukan canggih sangat. tapi layan je ar okay,
farra and i quit late to the event, then a long queue okay to the entrance. it was raining day. but not heavy one. guys, i had only wondergirl's picca. coz the others like so kabur cam tuhh. tokio hotel super rockin last saturday, kate perry super hot babe,
i am sore throat right now

nie gambo mencapap, haha


saya_arief said...

haha..mencapap kah..?

ayaa alyy said...

bestnyaa dpt pergi. happy for youu ! ;)

shima said...

arief;ye.mencapap ler tuh


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