Thursday, August 5, 2010

♥ 69 : my status facebook killed myself away

see! my status on facebook last tuesday, shima shemut ♥ birds, peacock! got 49 comments and all are craps only okay. actually there is no other meaning okay! the truth is i am just in love with new song by Katy Perry, yes only that. i am just copy paste the word from Katy Perry at the MTV Worldstage last saturday. so some of them who never knew just totally dirty thinking on me. i don't care at the moment, but here we goes ...

can't see clearly.

shit! this stupid thing happened on wednesday at my class. mean the day after i posted the status on my fb. let's me explained okay. class just started and unlucky to me, the 2 kolok kolok looked the place to sit. then leh lak pegi duduk sebelah aku, x sempat nak cakap sebelah aku ade owang! aku cop kan. so he just sitted next to me. at the time, my friends shamir just laughed at the back. fuk you men!

then radhie, my bloody paparazi datang agak lambat, pastuh leh lak cakap ngan aku camni, pantek ar ko!
" pergh shima ade boyfriend baru seyh "

and a few minute after that, i got msg ;
" dh brape lame weyh ko couple? hahaha dlm diam2 ko kn.. tk kesah ar wey "

then dia bole amek gambo lak kan. cibai lu radhie. then post kat fb.

lesson to me is jangan post status kat fb bukan bukan, makan diri weyh! sober sober sober.


nabilah_2908 said... pasal2 jadi bahan...sabar la yupp..

jom ke APA KATA HATI pulak,

shima said...

hahha.tapi serius lawakk kan.bhn tuh semesti nyerr.kebas dah tinga nie.=)

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