Monday, August 23, 2010

♥ 90 : when prank call gone wrong

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13 Ramadhan, samat petang!

do you hear alarm call on pagi show fly fm this morning? OMG, i can't believe this is the worst prank call and it was like disaster, you know.

let me story okay, the girl was just want to prank his boyfriend that they had been known each other for 5 years! it such a long relationship right. but the problem was her boyfriend currently not really taken it ot treated her like his girlfriend. like rarely sms and contact each other. and worst part they got problem on TRUST!

then ben, deejay of pagi show acted like her new boyfriend. konon konon baru kenal like a month. but acted well known each other very well. ben siap tanye that boyfriend, ko tau ke favourite food that girl. haha. ape kejadahnyer weyh tanye soalan camtuh. ben ben. always be a person. haha

talked talked, that boyfriend really really angry. and he wanted to met his girlfriend that time. that girl dah macam cuak kan, because her boyfriend marah giler kot.

ade lak adegan called on, called off. haha. ye ar sementara that girl nak pegi jumpe boyfriend dia, ben called off ar. then ben called back, she said that his boyfriend thrown out the phone twice, and tried to explain that was a prank call. but he never listen. he really really thought that was real okay. OMG! things got worst, really worst.

ben called again that boy, also tried to explain that was alarm call. tried to say that girl just wanna said i love him so much. but also failed.

this was a really really bad news to that girl, to ben also because he had reverse prank call. unexperted. that boy got into an accident after that okay. and he was broken leg and got the scar on his face. again! OMG! the family also involved on this case and talked to that girl never seen that boy again when she tried to see him at hospital.

horrible prank call right! when i was listening this, i was like speechless okay!

please, don't you ever try to make prank call to your love if he or she not really really sporting! unless you want to get trouble.