Sunday, September 5, 2010

♥ 101 : are you moist enough?

السلام عليکم

hey! do you know that a lot of women  nowadays have dry skin problems? yes it is true, because we are spending  a lot of time outside like work activies, student's life. in fact, dry  skin develops is due to the environment, in particular cold dry or low  humidity weather.

some  how, over washing or over cleansing the skin is problematic. the skin  on the  hands and face are usually the areas that get affected most by  this dry  skin causing factor which is not good for our skin.

like me, also having same problem, dry skin! i try to stay as natural as possible when choosing dry skin product. and i think VASELINE TOTAL MOISTURE  is the best dry skin lotion for me! exactly i need the product that  easy to carry everywhere i go, and when i feel like dry, i just put the VASELINE TOTAL MOISTURE to my skin.

plus the lotion enriched with protein  from soya and oat extracts and vitamin E known to make skin healthy,  leaves it feeling silky soft and smooth babeh! and i love the smell of  lotion. for as a student, it's affordable because it not expensive,  really cheap! under rm10 can get it one.

now, VASELINE TOTAL MOISTURE body lotion a must-have in my beauty stash. =)

I am moist enough with VASELINE TOTAL MOISTURE !