Thursday, October 21, 2010

♥ 186 : Kepercayaan Itu Penting Dalam Perhubungan Jarak Jauh!

Walau sekali jauh mane pun, jika percaya antara satu sama lain maka it would be fine. Trust me! I have been through the long relationship for 2 years plus. And imagine, only 2 or 3 times we had a date a year. Seriously, I told you.

I am not kidding! Tak nampak muka aku serious merious nie. Serious tapi comel. Muahahaha!

Actually we have been together almost 6 years. Such a long journey we had. Then he had to work far away from me from last 2008. At first, sangatlah macam horrible giler. Always got an arguement. Sebab haku lah yang start dulu. Haha. Tak matang lagi time tuh, sekarang a bit mature. Not fully mature enoughhh. Day to day, I have to trust him and not to depress him with my annoying behave. Ehem ehem.

Miss our tren, love

But please, don't let your kepercayaan you all menguasai diri. I mean like you give 100% trust. At least give some space for yourself. In case takde jodoh nanti, takde lah kedaung sangat kann.