Saturday, October 23, 2010

♥ 189 : Ketut Said Smile With Your Liver!

I am totally in love with the old man right now! I think he is cute and funny. Make me laugh. Haha. Insane right? Who's care. Love is just blind.

That's all about Eat Pray Love! I am just love the movie, I am just love Julie Roberts, I am just love the old man like I said just now, and I am just love everything.

Watched this movie make me felt like I wanted to travel all over the world! Italy, India and end up by Bali. Oh! Damn it would be momerable adventure. I wish to be there too, but it only a wishh! Hopefully I can make it real.

I love when ketut said to Liz when he trying to remember her!

Ketut : You! You! You!
Liz  : Me! Me! Me!

Comel! Haha.