Monday, October 25, 2010

♥ 191 : Mommy-To-Be, You Are Rockin' Your Baby!

Morning bloggy baby monday's blue!

Put a smile on your first day of weekday okayyy. Let's say cheese together. Cheessseeeeee! Yummy!

What's kind of activities that make mommmy-to-be easy to deliver baby? I guess by dance and dance and dance. I don't know this is true fact or crap. Haha. Siapa rajin pegi lah google. Aku malas nak google google.

Tapi aku suke two mommy-to-be nie! Dance tak henggatt. Lagi lagi mommy-to-be on white shirt. Sempoi giler! Perot boyot dia kemain besar, padehal badan kecik je. Another typical question, perempuan badan kecik kalau preggy nanti perot dia besar semacam eyh?

Mommy, you rock!

Tomorrow I have exam! Study sikit pastu rehat je banyakkk. Huk huk huk!