Friday, October 29, 2010

♥ 198 : Lies Boys Use, Wink!

I don't why today like almost my entry is all about boys. Maybe today is boy's talk day. Haha. Like friday loves boy's talk. Muchy!

So let's talk the most lies that boys are always used it. Please girls, take note yeah! For our sake baby.

First : I love you ;

Girls, this is the one that often hurts you the most. When a boy says that, don't believe it until he can prove it to you that he really love you. Love is not enough more. So boys do something to show off it to make sure your girl not turning around. If that happen, do not blame her. Should blame yourself.

Second : I am okay ;

Other word is actually I am not okay! Often times when boys say this, they really aren't okay at all, and don't want you to believe this, but instead ask them what's wrong. Boys are always boys! Very spoiled. Girls must know how to treat him.

Third : You're the most beautiful girl ever ;

Wow! Yes girls are love to be praised. That can't be deny anymore. But no offense, but obviously there are prettier girls whether you like it or not. He should basically be saying " HEY, I'm gonna get in your pants by making you feel great! ". You get what he means? Haha.