Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kagum Dengan Keghairahan Mereka Berfashion,

I think semua orang suke pada fashion. Siapa yang tak suke fashion itu, macam anda seorang yang pelik. Mungkin bukan dari planet Bumi, tapi datang dari planet lain. I am not talk about you must be fashionista sampai kau jadi mangsa fashion. Come on! At least u have to be yourself, at least get some nice closet for you right. It just enough. Tak perlu sarat kemain kau berfashionn. Kau rileks je. I think with skinny jeans and tank top plus flat, would be cheer up my day.

Tapi kan, aku sangat kagum dengan certain young people with their own style. Despite like too much but they have it. So jealous. This is because maybe their confident level is so high. Not even care what people wanna say about their style. For them, they love it and I don't care peeps. I admirer so much you.

Let's get some review about two young entrepreneurs with brilliant idea about fashion. Check check this out. U would be like ohmygod! Damn she got style.

1. Jezmine Zaidan

Aku pikir semua orang kenal Jezmine kot. Tak kan tak kenal. As you know, she's the owner of The Old Blossom Box Store. And she also personal stylist to bunch of local celebs as Nora Danish, Cheryl Samad, Irma and lots more. I love the way she carry out herself. Even more, she one of petite size, but her believer and visualization are too big. Owning her shop even she only 24 years old, such a lesson to me. I am 23 years old, still nothing that I have to proud. Sobs.

I love much her word,

It's really better to go ahead and do something when you are younger. Trust yourself and your dreams.

Plus she still wearing a hijab and still look outstanding. Tabik spring same you, Jezmine! Adore youuuu so muchh.

2. Tavi Gevinson

A tiny 13 years old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats

Her description to herself! She is an American Fashion Blogger who handed front row seats to New York's Fashion week! Boleh imagine sekarang. Budak perempuan umur 13 tahun dah dok sebaris dengan fashion designer lain. Huh melopong kau. Time umur aku 13 tahun, satu pe tade dalam kepala aku. Tak terpikir pun nak buat something yang orang lain tak buat. Muahahaha.

Budak perempuan umur 13 tahun nie jugak dapat perhatian dari Kate and laura Mulleavy, which mastermind behind Rodarte. Tersedak aku. Bra-bra-vo young girl!

With her style, quirky everyday outfits. But Tavi makes you think about things differently. Semuda 13 tahun dah buat duit, confirm confirm around 20+ dah boleh dok senang lenang kannn. Giler best!

The question is what's my passion? And what's your passion?

Akhir sekali, aku nak minta maaf sebab entry nie bahasa nye bercampur aduk dan berterabur. Jap speaking, jap balik ke pangkal jalan. Ampun ya.