Monday, November 1, 2010

25 Hal Rawak, Fakta, Kebiasaan Dan Tujuan Aku!

Hello November baby! Like time flies very fast right. Hanya tinggal 2 bulan lagi for the bew brand years, 2011. Hopefully everything just nice before we say bye-bye to 2010. So let's spread more love among us.

For the first entry for the first day of the month, it's about Tagged by my darl bloggy, Fadz! Thanks okay. Smile.

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note, with 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you. at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. you have to tag the person who tagged you. if i tag you, its because i want to know more about you. your cooperation is highly appreciated. haha.

#1. Glasses girl. Somehow like nerdy.
#2. Electronics engineering student.
#3. Petite.
#4. People always thinks that aku sombong giler.
#5. Can be open minded, can be close minded. All depends on situation.
#6. The reason why I took electronic engineering because I love mathematics.
#7. Takut dengan kucing! Geli bile kucing gesel gesel. Stay away cats from me.
#8. Giler duit.Duit! Duit!
#9. Shopping is my therapy.
#10. 80% my stuff, I bought with my own money.
#11. I want my own car, my own house, before aku kawen.
#12. Always my mind, nak anta mak ayah g Haji with my own money.
#13. Reverse thinker. Haha.
#14. Gadis berumur 23 tahun, tapi ramai cakap aku tak mature. Because of my baby face. Puke now people when you read this. Haha.
#15. Paling tak suke orang mengungkit pasal duit.
#16. I have boyfriend for the 6 years we are been together.
#17. Semua serba tak kena bile PMS. Hate that!
#18. I love independent women. Everything they do by herself. Not always depend on men.
#19. One day, I will wearing hijab when I really get ready. That's my promise.
#20. Skinny jeans and baxter are my obsession.
#21. I want to improve my communication skills to be better and better.
#22. Ye, aku mengaku I do not have a many friends. But I love my friends so much.
#23. Designer handbags and travel all the world are my wish. I really want it before I turn 30 years old.
#24. Ade penyakit gatal hidung iaitu, resdung. I am so depressed on it.
#25. Eat Pray Love!

 Peace from me yaww, ♥

Too much random about me. Haha. By the way, selamat tengahari. Happy lunch hour! Also happy sleep hour. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Evil laugh!