Friday, November 26, 2010

Dilemma Of The Fifth Semester ;

Hello Friday, Morning!

Suppose I have class today, but the wheater is not good. So I can't go to the college. Macam cuaca tak mengizinkan aku pegi ke kolej pada minggu pertama kolej. Lagipun first week selalunya takde pe sangat. Just introduction cam gituh. Takde belajar sangat. Muahaha. Ayat standard nie.

Banyak lah aku takde belajar sangat. Kelas Mathematics Engineering II dah start okayy since last wednesday. Hari ini pulak ade that class from 11-1. What to do, dah hujan kat umah aku. Tarik balik comforterrr lah pasni. Sorry Mr Tan Tiak Kun ( TTK ). I am absent your class doesn't mean I'm lazy. Peace out!

Continue with my dilemma. Ceit! Belum pape dah dilemma bagai kan. It's such so drama. LOL! But seriously, I am bit confusing and don't know what the exactly subject that I am suppose to register. Okay, this is the subject that I really confirm ;

#Advanced IC
#Advanced IC Lab
#Mathematics Engineering II
#Basic Entrepreneurship
#Engineer & Society

The total credit hours currently are 15! But I'm gonna make it until 18 credit hours. So I have TWO options ;

First option : I add up Thesis  I

Second option : I add up Drawing Engineering and Coco II

Dilemma oh dilemma! My life kinda boring if there is not drama. But I am not drama queen! Ni amende drama, drama queen nie. Aku nak cakap lain. Typo error betol lah. Haishhh, suke merepek meraban ntah pape. Make you annoying it's? Muahaha. Padan muke!

Maybe, I guess ...
... going back to bed with a dream,
waking up with a purpose!

Last but not least, aku rasa nak campak je broadband celcom nie. Make me GGGGRRRRRRR so much, you know! Done.