Wednesday, July 14, 2010

♥ 48 : he melts my heart, u know

sape? sape? sape? jeng jeng jeng. of course lar my lovely man, oh! God. i wish i could see him face to face okay. aku x boleh tahan dengan his smile. wat tido aku x lena sangat. mandi tuh still basah lagi ar. x kan x basah kot. tuh name nyer x mandi. haha. makan pon kenyang lagi. ape lak makan x kenyang kan. i can't stand lar with our long distance relationship. i am jealous when he with other girlfriend okay, like damn it!

you wanna know my lovely man? here we go bebeh ;


meet my Jake Gyllenhaal, ♥

haha. yeah! he is. i don't know why, since aku tengok Prince of Persia. i am always dream to him. auwww! see! dia still ketawa even terpelecok kat lubang tuh. cool kan weyh?

so, what is yours friends?


ira hanna said...

kenape letak gamba bf ira kt sini? hahaha

shima said... bf ira ke???tuh laki i.haha.cmne tuh?

Anonymous said...

boleh share tak si jake tu. sharing is caring, kan? kan?

shima said...

fifi;meh ler kite share share si jake nie.haha.:)

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