Sunday, July 25, 2010

♥ 62 : i am envy with her

i am started envy, like fucking envy with her when i watched " yes man ". what i know, she also a singer as well. currently, baru release She & Him " Volume Two ".

You rock, Zooey Deschanel !

i am just love the way she is, super duper gorgeous babe, seriously!

i her fringe,

i her voice,

i her when she tuned her guitar,

i her smile,

i her fashion,

i her when she with jake,

i her action,


Syida Shukor said...

macam katy perry sikit2 . one of my fren pun suka dia . comel !

shima said...

a' kate perry skit,memang comel pon dia.superb!

diriku said...

he2..mmg superb pn=]

enyheartsdiamond said...

dia simple je kan? tp cute! i duno her name.. tp i nampak dia mcm katy perry :)

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