Friday, October 1, 2010

♥ 149 : Love The Way You Lie & Teenage Dream Version Stephenie! Love It,

Tadi pasal little boy excited nyanyi I'm Yours! Sekarang pasal Miss Stephenie lak. She's amazed me, you know and her voice like OMG! Damn preetty awesome!

Superb babe! I love her voice so much. Sedap macam mane ntah nak cakappp. Macam makan ais cream pun tak rase sesedap macam dengar Miss Stephenie nyanyi. Best lah you, Miss Stephenie. Kenapa tak buat album je kan.

Such a beautiful and i think she's hot! For sure young man would be love you, Miss Stephenie. I bet most of the guys were amazed by her beauty at first and just got blown away when she started singing.

Love The Way You Lie!

Teenage Dream!

Surely, i am one of your fan Miss Stephenie!