Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kau Suke Si Dia Propose Kau Macam Mane?

Do watch this video ;


She doestn't just love men of action. There has to be a spiritual side too.

Definately agree with the quote. I love my man in action but inside of him full of love. Alamak weyhhh. Selalu buat sesuatu yang aku tak terpikir pun. Macam suprise suprise things but in rarely way. Ohhhh God! Love are just everywhere. 

Wahai kekasih, lamarlah daku mungkin dengan cara ini ;

Purpose time at garden ;

Maybe, at the beach ;

Maybe, with simple notes ;

Maybe, a ring and cuppy ;

Maybe, reverse way ;

And the question and answer

I love daydream under the sun. So what!