Sunday, November 28, 2010

Life Is Always Not Beautiful ;

Maybe right now, you on the top. But please remind you are always be on top. One day, you would be down too. Quickly as possible, probably late. We just don't know what the exactly us. While you are on the top now, please be nice and down to earth. Later on, people just help you if you are in trouble.

Maybe right now, you are happy. There always be a sad day for you and us. Still, don't know when it is. When you are happy, make people around you happy too. When you are sad, they are with you.

Maybe right now, you are hurt. Don't worry one day you will never be hurt anymore. But still don't know when the hearts heal the wounds. It's just feeding the time to recover it. And please don't make your love one feel hurt with you. Because don't know there no second chance for you. Then you would feel regret until you close your eyes!

There are some life cycle of me, you and all of us. Don't take it easy in every things you do!  

Mungkin hari ini hari kesedihan aku, Siapa tahu esok lusa hari kesedihan kau lagi teruk dari aku. Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui. Redha is the best way for me. And I am learning to being redha in my life.