Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Na Na, What's My Name ;

Happy Monday.

This morning like so gloomy. I don't why. Maybe because of the weather. As the sun hids behind the clouds. No sunshine as well I can see. Also impact my mood. Should I blame the gloomy morning?Or blame myself? I prefer blame the weather. This is not my fault. The gloomy weather make me as dump. =(

Lately, I am morning person. Around 6.30 am, automatically I am awake from my sleeping beauty, no lah. Awake from my sleeping ugly, that's perfect to me. LOL! Seriously, I hate being morning person. U know why? Because after that I don't know what to do then. Look at the clock, still morning. Then make it me as blur people. Kinda pumpkin head. Oh! No...

Okay, I do some housework like neat my bed, broom the house, fold clothes and others. Finish everyhting, look at the clock still in the morning. I am such be out of my sense. Like meroyan sorang sorang dah macam tuh. End up, just stare on my lappy for nothing reason. Kinda suck! Muahaha.

Carry on. Do you hear new single from Miss Ri-Ri, yeah actually Rihanna. I love to call her Mrs Ri-Ri. Sound cute right? I know I am the cute person. Muahaha. Tetibe sawan perasan cute lak. Her new single is What's my name. Cool song for me. I don't how about you.

I am just love the way Miss Ri-Ri dye her hair.

A morning person is not cool. Because till now, 12.30 pm I am still lying on my bed. Which is not good right. Sobs. And I am alone now, mak and ayah leave me alone at house. Sobs again.