Thursday, December 16, 2010

Im Missed My Skinny's Voice Currently ;

Evening peeps!

This is my second entry for December yet. Seems like I am just ignore my blog so much this much isn't? Kesiaan my blog. Mesti merajuk kan dengan me, sebab me don't care my blog so much. Entah lah kan, currently sangat malas nak berblog bagai. Sebab not in a good mood. Seriously!

When I online, I just don't know what to do. What to update and etc. Such no idea! Stuck on that. Then end up by sleeping and sleeping over again and again. Haha. LOL!

I wish I am lying on the beach now, ♥

Let's talked bout November! How it's your last month? Everything okay? For me, my November was like fucking ever month this year. I don't know to explain more. Because it just hurt me more. Hmmm. Perhaps there still has a good sign for me in future. Now, I just flow the way. I mean letting go by pass. I am so trying so hard for that. Difficult!

Big thanks to Ann, at least you are with me. I owe you, babe. =)

Enough that!

Dear hair, cepatlah panjang ye sayang, ♥

Last word, HELLO MY FOLLOWERS! Thx for being my blog's followers. Love you guys,