Thursday, December 23, 2010

2011 Is Just Around The Corner ;

Mood counting days right now.

Only left 8 days to say HELLO 2011 and GOODBYE 2010. Sekejap je kan. Tup tup it's already end of this year. Such times flies so fast, even faster nowadays. Hmmm.

THE TRUTH! Yes that exactly what I learned of this year, 2010. Finally, because I had bad feeling about something but I only assumed that's only my insecure feeling. And I just kept it until last month I knew it everthing. Hurt! Very. At least I knew it. Better than I don't knew anything right. It was make me hurt more.

Don't be a liar! Not so much good.

It's okay. Now I am such a girl meet the world. So I wanna say hey, world! Not being culture-shocked okayyyy. I am just me. I am just want to be happy, maybe much happier. Please no more sad story again. I wish for this coming soon, 2011. I want laugh every little things. I want play around the world, make my world good enough.

I takmo semak semak kan kepala I lagi. Penat okay when you always keep thinking. Let's people do thinks about me now. Cool right? Haha. Tapi ade ke orang pikir pasal I, nyahhh? That's the questionnnn. LOL!