Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Entry On 1-January-2011, I Am Super Duper Excited ;

Welcome new resolution, peeps!

Today is Saturday, 1-January-2011! First day of this year evahhhh. Start with how's your celebration? For sure it was so awesome. Guaranteed 100%! And for this year, I not going anywhere for celebration. Because I don't have enough penny in my pocket. So better I just stay at home. Pretty sad on me, right? Doesn't matter. I don't mind.

Seriously, now I am excited. Because of why? Because of today is first day of 2011. That's all. Simple. Super duper excited. Haha. Sawan 2011, I guess. Even more, I am turn to 24 years old this year. I don't care. My age is just a number. Plus I don't feel like I am 24 years old yet. Wait until June for my official 24. LOL!

Grown up! Everythings need grown up this year. Mentallity and physically. Seriously, I want to smile with everyone. Even with unknown people. I just want to change my bad habit to good ones. I do admit that I dislike to smile and talk anyone who that I do not know who are you. This is kind of me! And for this year, I don't want to be like that. SMILE EVERYTIME & ANYWHERE! *Senyum seindah suria, yang membawa cahaya. Remember that song?

Someone had been told me that I am always cried when I am with. Hmm. For that, I hate crying now. I don't want cry like baby again. Maybe, tears are the best for me, not even cry anymore. More mature right? Tapi kalau dah name perempuan tuh, perempuan jugak! Mane boleh lari dari air-mata. Kannnn??? A bit control for that.

What else...

Time for spreading among of us. Don't be a hater! Is not good, make you getting older than you are. Be nice with people who really nice with us. Don't be a backstabber! What you will get if you backstab someone? Nothing right. Is not worth it. Buat tambah musuh je, tak pasal pasal je kan.

I need new wardrobe for this year. I wish I have a lot of money, by this time I can go shopping. I think for this year, I have to learn how to manage my money. Try to save a little money. Hopefully, I can do well on this part. But now, I want to go shopping. Want it so badly.

Last word, hye-hye 2011. A year full of joy, happiness, prosperity, love, peace of serenity. Smile, =)
Regards of me,