Friday, December 31, 2010

End Of Story ;

Hye 31-December-2010 people!

And here from the bottom of my heart, I'm seeking for forgiveness from everyone of my wrongdoings throughout of this year, 2010. Start from tomorrow, there would be a new chapter for me and us. Hopefully everything I went thru rain or shine, it make me a big girl eventually more mature. Let's together welcome the new year, 2011!

I don't know why, kind a bit nervous for 2011.  Why huh??? I have no idea. Just wait and see, what the colours of my days thru 2011. Tungguuuuuuuuuu. LOL!

Welcome 2011 with ais-krim and topping strawberry, cool isnt? Haha. Orang celebrate new year with beer, club, and etc! But me only with ais-krim, so BOR-INK! What-evahhhhhhhhhh,


End of story 2010 ;
Regards from me,