Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Actually, It's Not Easy As A Pie ;

Such no way now!

Nampak macam mudah. Tapi sebenarnya susah. Lagi lagi melibatkan perasaan. Keadaan akan jadi rumit bila mane manusia tak mahu memahami perasaan sesama manusia. Because of EGO! And make it so difficult, such no effort to solve the problem. Perhaps silence way is the best, but being silence is not good idea. Still the problem can't be settle yet.

Alright. Kadang kadang niat di hati hanya mahu bergurau atau etc, malangnya disalahertikan. Then you are in trouble right if that happen. Try to explain, but like no chance to do that. If no chances, what should me or you do? For me, it's okay with the second chance. After that,depend on that person how they deal within.

I need people understand me and at the same time probably I can understand you. Persefahaman adalah sangat penting actually, tak kira among family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend and etc. In whatever kind relationship we need the strong roots. Then everything just easily. Sometime we have to go through hardly situation for us being more mature.

I love to do like ' cebikkan mulut ' when me feeling not very well. I don't why. Cebik cebik mulut ni macam dah sebati dengan diri aku. Muahaha. Dari kecik suke cebik cebik. Maybe mak aku time pregnant kan aku kenan ngan cebik kot. LOL!

Cube lah try mencebikkan mulut anda semua. Terasa semua masalah kuar melalui mulut korang. Ringan dari beban sekejap. Okay, sekejap je. Tak lame mane punnn. 

At least.