Monday, November 22, 2010

I Wish My Money Would Have Sex In My Wallet And Multiply ;

Yes, only wish! I know. Tapi kenapa tidak kan? Duit boleh beranak pinak. Everyone surely happy. NO money matters anymore. When you open up your wallet, your money would be double up! Fuyooooo. Boleh beronok ronok dengan hati senang sekali!

Seriusly, I need money. Indeed!

Currently, I spent a lot into my expenses. Like money out every day rather than money in. And the worst part, I don't know and I don't see where my money running out. Oh, gosh! I HATE when I only have a little penny in my pocket. Because I ain't into owe money from others. It's NOT so me!

And now on my mind is seeking the part time job. But first, I have to see how it's my schedule on 5th semester. Hopefully it is not pack with classes. Hopefully again I get some free space that available me to be part timer. Mak memang giler duit nyah. Kalau duit takde, I feel so stress. Hati tak senang. Money oh money! Come to momma. Come to momma.

Being full-time student and part timer, sangat lah penat. Mane nak catch up study, mane nak catch mase pegi keje. I had an experience that. Unfortunately, I have no choice. Need to work, get some pocket money to me. Huh, baru hati senang kalau ade duit. That time you can see my smile from ear to ear. Muahaha.

Sometimes I so UNLUCKY. Sebab ade employer tanak amik aku keje. Because of they think I can't work. They said mine looks like school girl. So, they turn up one's nose at me. Kejam kannn? In other work, they want their employees look mature. Macam muke tua, tapi umur muda. Huh, lebih kurang macam tuh lah. Kecik tau hati aku wahai majikan. Sebab mentah mentah kau tolak aku. Cibai lu! Such a jerk person. Tapi dah Allah kurniakan muka aku macam budak budak, nak buat macam mane lagi kan. Tak kan nak buat plastic surgery lak. Syukur alhamdullilah dengan kurnia-Nya.

Bestnya, kalau dapat duit terpijak kan? Seumur hidup aku, tak pernah lagi dapat rezeki terpijak nie.Korang pernah dapat duit terpijak tak? Berape banyak? Rezeki rezeki rezeki.