Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Want Mini Tong Hair So Badly ;

Happy sunday you'll, a day for you spend time together with your ♥ ones. I just be alone of every weekend. Poor me!

Seriously I ♥ volume hair. But sadly, my hair not in the way. And I am sick with straight hair. Bored enough! Jeles giler bile tengok awek awek cun berjalan dengan rambutnye diropol-ropol kann. Sangat jeles weyh. Kau jeles tak? Kalau dah name perempuans, perempuan jugak weyh. Fanatic giler dengan cantik cantik nie kan. LOL!

Haishhh, cantik lah rambut ade volume volume nie. Envy so muchhh, you know! Gggrrrrrrrrrrrr. That's why, I really want mini thong, opsss typo error! Haha. I really want mini tong hair for me. Nakkkkk. But I don't have money yet. Money! Money! Come to mama, bebeh. LOL!

Rase sweet lak with volume hair nie. Haha. Sweet ke? Whatever, yang penting sekarang ngah aim nak beli mini tong. DIM instead of DO IT MYSELF after that. Volume hairrr, I dream of you like 24/7. Sign!

LOL, ♥